DESARROLLO HUMANO Y PROFESIONAL SL is a company dedicated to classroom training and
online in the field of hotels and restaurants, which has been committed since its inception to a comprehensive service
to its customers, with the primary objective of achieving their full satisfaction by offering a
quality service and constantly improving.

The Management of DESARROLLO HUMANO Y PROFESIONAL SL seeks to guarantee the quality of its
services through the implementation of a Quality Management System, based on the standard
ISO 9001:2015. Likewise, this system focuses on the continuous improvement of its effectiveness in order to
comply with legal and regulatory requirements and with the requirements mutually agreed with the
customers about the quality of their services.

To achieve the main objective DESARROLLO HUMANO Y PROFESIONAL SL establishes and
assumes the following principles as the axes of its Quality Policy:

– The organization of DESARROLLO HUMANO Y PROFESIONAL SL directs all its activity to the
achieving the satisfaction of the needs of its customers, complying at all times
with the requirements, including the legal/regulatory ones that must be applied. For this reason, they establish
methods to continually assess your degree of satisfaction.

– DESARROLLO HUMANO Y PROFESIONAL SL guarantees the continuous improvement of our processes and
services, materialized in innovation, the continuous training of its workers and the adaptation
to technological and social changes.

– Involve all the staff that form DESARROLLO HUMANO Y PROFESIONAL SL with quality
of our services, through the different areas of responsibility established.

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