sherpa program

Can you imagine that every employee who starts in your company knows it perfectly from day 1? 
Know your mission, vision, values... all applicable service procedures!
Now it is possible thanks to the SHERPA program.
We have prepared a video and manual program in which each collaborator can access our platform and learn everything they need to know about your company.
We develop videos in your company, with your staff, with your products...
The new collaborator accesses our platform with a password and will follow the "on boarding" process in the same way as a video course, from anywhere and with any device.

Preparation of operating manual and procedures for the different departments of the hotel or restaurant.

Reception, rooms, restaurants, bars, maintenance…

Recording of videos with the same equipment of the hotel

100% customizable

Mission, vision, values, service processes, recipes, product presentation, service checklists

Up-selling and cross-selling programs between departments

Uniformity, organizational chart, shifts and procedures for shift changes, customer service.

Prevention measures for occupational risks, Covid measures, against fire, hygienic sanitary HACCP.

Good environmental practices…

Everything that the employee of each department needs to know to be able to carry out their work effectively.

Preparation of an exclusive "video course" for your company in which each worker can access to learn how to implement their work in an excellent way.


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