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Jorge Cervera

Management and Co-Founder

Jorge was Corporate A&B at Vibra Hotels, F&B Manager at Migros (Switzerland), Event & Sales Manager at Seven Group, among others.

He has 20 years of experience in the Food and Beverage sector. Strategy development, Budgeting / PGL Management, creation of menus and prices, Team building and training, organization and planning of events and banquets.

Last years as Corporate Director managing more than 700 people and almost 80 bars and restaurants simultaneously.

Author of the Bestseller “Easy Gastronomy”, with more than 5,000 downloads

Chema Holguin

Management and Co-Founder

MBA Power MBA Completed in 2019

Senior Restoration Technician. IES Junípero Serra. Palma de Mallorca. 2003. Technician

Accommodation Superior. IES Calvia. 2001.

Intermediate Occupational Risk Prevention Technician. Ifes Majorca. 2004. Studies of

Kitchen Technician. Hotel School of the Community of Madrid. 1991. Higher Technician in

Disabled People. Report. Madrid. 2009.

Corporate F&B at HSM, corporate purchasing director at Valentin Hotels, corporate consultant for A and B and training at Barcelo, H10, Lopesan, Bull hotels, Sirenis hotels.

Director of the FyB manager postgraduate course (4 years) at the School of Hospitality of the Balearic Islands. EHIB

Juanmi Verjaga

Kitchen direction

Chef specialist in hotel and catering operations.

Juanmi has been head chef of restaurants and 4-star hotels. He is an expert in vacuum cooking.

He has also served as head chef in a Michelin star restaurant.

Advisor and trainer Rosamar Hotels

Jose Cortes Garcia

Executive Chef, consultant and trainer

José is a former chef at great restaurants such as Buscando el Norte and Diablito. 

Corporate A&B advisor for Bull Hotels in the Canary Islands. Trainer in Global hotels.

President of ASCAIB, the association of cooks of the Balearic Islands.

Gourmet and à la carte restaurants. Visual marketing and buffet strategies. More than 20 years of experience in some of the best restaurants and franchises in Spain.

Jorge Lago Agrelo

Director of Housekeeping, Manager on Duty and Guest Service Manager

Director of Housekeeping
Preparation of schedules and maximization of resources. 
Management and monitoring of orders
Laundry management and monitoring
Management and monitoring of customer satisfaction
Operational organization 
Operation of Opera
Excel management
Handling of Hmobile
manager on duty
Opportunity Resolution
Wow moments and customer loyalty

Guest Service Manager
Management and control of schedules
Warm welcome and fond farewell process. 
Accompaniment to the room
Aanticipation of needs
Among others, I have given internal training related to:
Leadership and conflict management
constructive feedback
Experience in the best hotel chains in the world, from resorts to city hotels. Multidisciplinary leader with great customer orientation and goal achievement. 

Pilar Fernandez Puerto

Hotel management, food and beverages, training and consulting

Senior executive hotelier in the food and beverage area with more than 15 years of national and international experience, working with a client portfolio that includes hotels, Michelin star restaurants and four and five star resorts in Europe and abroad.

Director of beverages and services for a chain with 15 hotels in the Balearic Islands.

Management consulting and professional development.
For Partner Development.

Matías Provvidenti

Chef specialized in fusion, Asian and Mexican cuisine.

Matías is a passionate chef specializing in fusion cuisine that combines the vibrant flavors of Asia and the authenticity of Mexico in each dish.

Creating Unique Experiences | Fusion of Traditions and Creativity

His cuisine is a sensory journey where Asian spices dance with the fresh and spicy ingredients of Mexican tradition. Each dish is a masterpiece that celebrates culinary diversity and creativity.

Master of Asian and Mexican Cuisine.

My goal is to take you on an unforgettable culinary journey. Discover the fusion of textures, aromas and presentations that redefines the gastronomic experience.

David Carmona

Rice specialist chef

Chef and trainer specialized in the fascinating world of rice. My mission is to bring the magic of flavors to your kitchen and share with you the secrets of the perfect paella and much more.

Aroma and Texture Explorer | Expertise in Paellas and Risottos

With years of experience in the kitchen and an inexhaustible passion for culinary diversity, I invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey. From traditional Valencian paellas to the most exquisite risottos, we will discover together the art of cooking rice in a unique and delicious way.

Alberto Martin de Oliva Font

Trainer and consultant in food and beverages for hotels and restaurants

Maître in charge at the Beach Club and Balneario Illetas. Hospitality entrepreneur.

Advisor to AyB RD Hotels. Room and Bar Trainer at GastroTG.

Bachelor of Psychology and Restoration Technician

Mark Torres

Consultant, trainer in gastronomy and F&B

Extensive experience in the restaurant, hotel and catering sector. An infinite curiosity to continue evolving humanly and professionally. Solidity, transparency, rigor, humility, invisible leadership, empathy.

Corporate AyB Director, AyB Director at Gaspart Hotels. Restoration businessman in Barcelona.


Paz Abad

Training and coaching

Paz is an expert with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked in large companies and institutions.

With multiple complementary training in areas such as Human Resources, Administrative and Economic Financial Management and Coaching among others.

Provides training consultancies for the development of
professional skills and value loyalty
staff of the organization and sales consultancy to improve the customer experience and increase it: understand the value bet of the business and its operations, analyze professional profiles and detect training needs.

Jordi Nadal Adrover Rigo

Service and quality processes in hospitality

Career path:
In 2004 he founded the consulting firm +Humana (www.mashumana.com), dedicated to the selection,
training and development of personnel of which he is PARTNER-DIRECTOR. We help companies to attract, develop and keep talent in the organization.
In 2003 he created the Balearic delegation of PRODAT (www.prodat.es), a national franchise dedicated
to the consultancy, adaptation and audit of companies to the LOPD.


Master's degree in TRAINING ENGINEERING. Business University Foundation / UIB 1996-1998
University of the Balearic Islands. (1988-1992)
Senior Management of New Tourism Technologies UIB/ICE 1995 (40 h.)
Senior Management in Tourism Quality Management UIB/ICE 1995 (40 h.)
Tourism in the Rural Environment and Tourism of Cities UIB/ICE 1996 (120 h.)

Miguel Nunez

Corporate Chef and cuisine Director. Creation of menus, training and planning in the kitchen

Kitchen director at the consul and in Malaga, at one of the most important cooking schools in Andalusia

Dani García has come out of his kitchen

Miguel has multiple cooking awards and for some of his dishes he is internationally known.

Miguel is an authority on cuisine, he was the first chef to get a Michelin star for a hotel restaurant in Los Monteros – Marbella.

He currently directs the cooking school at La Cónsula and continues to train an innumerable number of chefs.

Biel Ramon

Corporate Bar Manager, expert in bar management

Corporate Bar Manager of bars and restaurants with extensive experience in nightclubs and hotels.

He has developed the cocktail program of our academy.

Trainer of hundreds of people during his career, expert in cocktails, winning national and international awards and competitions.

Olga Monk

Service and quality processes in hospitality

06/17 – Today

The Grand Margot House, Boutique Hotel, BCN

Hotel Manager: oversee the daily operations as well as provide strategic direction. Managing budgets/expenses, analyzing and interpreting financial information and monitoring sales and profits. Recruitment, training and monitoring staff. Supervising maintenance, supplies and furnishings. Carrying out inspections of property and services, amongst other duties.

Advisor, trainer and consultant at The Hotel Factory.


  • International Master in Hospitality Management

at EADA Business School, Barcelona. (2011-2012)

  • University Graduate in Tourism

at EUTDH – Autonomous University of Barcelona (2007-08)

  • University Graduate in Hotel Management

at EUTDH – Autonomous University of Barcelona (2004-06)

David Holguín Fernandez

Financial Administrative Director

Financial Administrative Director. SUSHITA, SL December-2010/present  

Activity: Company belonging to the food sector dedicated to both the 
preparation and distribution of oriental food at a national and international level, such as
the restoration. Main distribution clients: Carrefour, Alcampo, Vips, Aldi, 
Gadisa, hotel chains, etc. It currently has 5 restaurants and 3 points of 
▪ Responsible for the development and implementation of ERP (Microsoft Dynamics Navision 
▪ Head of the HR department until 2014 (as of this date and due to the 
growth of the company, a departmental management is created that reports 
directly to the general management)  
▪ Preparation of budgets, quarterly forecasts, annual business plan, calculation 
of provisions and analysis of deviations. Inventories, assets, etc. ▪ Creation and
implementation of administrative and accounting procedures and processes motivated
mainly due to the strong growth of the company. ▪ Audit manager
▪ Responsible for bank negotiation.  
▪ Member of the Management Committee made up of four people (General Management,
Purchasing Management, Commercial Management, HR Management and Management

Check our reviews

With your help we have consolidated a continuous training project in the area of restoration. Thanks to continuous quality training and constant support, understanding our needs and integrating processes efficiently.

The service they have offered us regarding consulting and training in our kitchens and buffets has been totally satisfactory, favorably attending to all our needs, both in terms of structure and organization, in an agile and efficient manner. The human and professional quality received from your team is excellent.

Professional people 100% and passionate about Tourism.
Top company for training dedicated to your improvement, run by professionals, not teachers.

I did the restaurant management course. At first I did it to expand knowledge and I have discovered a course very complete, very dynamic, in which you cover everything from the beginning, until you finish well formed. A course in which you can have tutorials at all times With Jorge inside La Academia, he solves all your doubts. After all, a very complete course!

Oscar - Chef - Hotel Aquasol

My name is José Pons and I am currently the 1st Maître of the Beverly hotel in Palma de Mallorca. Partner Development have been advising me at all times. I have followed his work method and applied it in real situations; both in processes, as in service and management. They have been concerned with the application of the method in my day to day. I am a hotelier with extensive experience and The method has helped me to think, analyze and apply techniques that I did not know from other perspectives, obtaining greater security in my work and great satisfaction among my clients and collaborators. I recommend this academy mainly because of the human factor. They are great professionals who, with their treatment and attention, have achieved a very satisfactory personal experience. Thank you very much

José - 1st Maître - Hotel Beverly

Good morning, I wanted to thank you for the Commitment and delivery with breakfast team training, there was a before and after and the staff was delighted, in addition, it gave them a new perspective. We will do new sessions soon.

Maybet - Hotel Residencia Tarifa

Hello, my name is Jose Ángel Ossorio González and I am Head of sector at the Hotel H10 Rubicon Palace in Playa Blanca Lanzarote. Before training with Partner Development I did not see the possibility of progressing in my profession since I could not find the right training and thus motivate me. I started the Head of Room Maître course and a whole world of possibilities has opened up for me in the professional field. What I liked the most about the course is that the syllabus is of quality and usable at 100% in my job, you can manage your time comfortably and you always have a tutor for any questions that may arise, in addition to having videoconferences with professionals in the sector. Now I feel trained and prepared, to the point of recommending Partner Group to anyone who needs to be successfully trained.

Jose - Boss - Hotel H10 Rubicon Palace

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