What do we mean?

What is subsidized training through FUNDAE (former Tripartite Foundation)?

All companies that contribute to social security have a CREDIT; an amount that can be used to organize courses for its workers, discounting the payment to social security.

Which workers can benefit?

Personnel registered on the course start date.
Fixed Discontinuous in period of non-occupation providing their Working Life Report.

Can a course be subsidized to 100%?

Our courses are designed so that with a minimum number of participants they can be subsidized 100%. For this it is necessary that: 

Sufficient CREDIT is available.
It is taught totally or partially within the working day.

The minimum established attendance by the students is 75% of the training.

Who manages the bonus process?

The company provides us with the company data and the participants required by
the FOUNDATION. We communicate and process the bonus of the courses to the FUNDAE in accordance with the regulatory regulations.
We resolve all doubts and work responsibly on the correct processing of bonuses.

Blended programs

Upselling and customer service

On-line: 16 hours
Practices: 16 hours

Preparation of the room and bar

Mise en place

Protocol and service operations

Opening and closing checklist

Presentation of the product

Sales and upselling techniques

The service at the bar

The service at the buffet

Effective communication, leadership, conflict management

Image and strategy in
hotel buffets

On-line: 16 hours
Practices: 16 hours

Buffet concept 

Cost control through marketing 

Attracting customers at the buffet 

Flow of clients where we direct them 

Basic window dressing

How to surprise

Bar management and operations

On-line: 16 hours
Practices: 16 hours

The bar and the drinks menu 

Bar service and management 

people management 

The beverage: main drinks 

The cocktail bar The cafeteria: the coffee master 

Practical part: Mise en place of the bar, provision of material for the bar and cocktails 

Preparation of beverage scandals 

Coffee making 

Coffee machine maintenance 

Service of the main distillates 

Preparation of classic cocktails (mojito, daiquiri, margarita...)

Kitchen management and show cooking

On-line: 16 hours
Practices: 16 hours

Train kitchen staff in kitchen products 

Train kitchen staff to improve productivity

Development of techniques for customer management 

Train staff in the showcooking service and its relationship with the customer 

Live kitchen organization 

Organization in work areas 

The distribution of working time 

Different parts of the live kitchen, showcooking area 

How to assemble mono rations live 


Characteristics that a good chef must have to work in show cooking 

How our product should be

vacuum cooker

On-line: 8 hours
Practices: 16 hours

impact kitchen

On-line: 18 hours
Practices: 20 hours

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine

On-line: 18 hours
Practices: 18 hours

Roasts and stuffing to carve

On-line: 6 hours
Practices: 12 hours

Rice course

On-line: 6 hours
Practices: 18 hours

oriental cuisine

On-line: 6 hours
Practices: 12 hours

Kitchen of use

On-line: 6 hours
Practices: 16-24 hours

Creative cuisine and Gourmet plating

On-line: 6 hours
Practices: 18 hours

Housekeeping: stay
whit us

On-line: 6 hours
Practices: 18 hours

Reception: best welcome ever

On-line: 6 hours
Practices: 18 hours

German A1 and A2 in the hospitality industry

On-line: 18 hours
Practices: 18 hours

English A1 and A2 in the hospitality industry

On-line: 18 hours
Practices: 18 hours

We have an extensive catalog of courses. Tell us what your needs are and our team of experts will design a tailor-made proposal for you.

How do we do it?

How do we establish the hours of a course?

• According to the detected needs.

• The development of the final content (tailor-made).

• The resources of the establishment.

• The experience or prior knowledge of the attendees.

Why in-company training?

• We work with the space and materials of the establishment itself, also offering the possibility of online training.

• In direct contact with the day to day of the participant.

• Within the working day to encourage attendance.

• Immediate implementation and practicality.

Trainers for all areas

The Partner Development team is made up of expert professionals:

  • chefs
  • baristas
  • mixologists
  • sumelliers
  • bartenders
  • room teachers
  • receptionists
  • governesses
  • team coaches
  • hotel consultants.
Our Methodology


• We make a visit to your facilities.
• We hold videoconferences through Videocalls.
• We present our catalog of courses.


• We detect your needs, departments and interested participants.
• We outline the definitive content of the courses.
• We establish an optimal number of training hours.
• We make you a proposal.


• We close dates and times.
• We identify locations, space needs and necessary materials.
• We encourage communication between the trainer and the person responsible for the course.
• We start the process with FUNDAE.


• Start-up of the course according to previous planning.
• Development of specific content.
• Continuous assessment.


• We maintain continuous communication during the development of the course.
• We identify team skills.
• We determine the possibilities of the establishment.
• We offer our tailored training actions.


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