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We help you to overcome any challenge you have to face in your hospitality business.

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PERSONALIZED TRAINING based on what you need for your business, with the possibility of a 100% bonus through FUNDAE

Development of custom content and programs, fully customizable

Videos, theory, pdf, questionnaires, practical cases, Business cases...

Access to people from the contracting organization to supervise the evolution of the students. Submission of student reports

Possibility of customizing the e-learning platform with logos and corporate line of the hotel chain or restaurants

Weekly tutorials, forums and case studies

Continuous assistance to the student through emails and tutorials

Options: 100% online with streaming seminars, or face-to-face

Content viewable via computer, tablet or smartphone

Advice on administrative, economic, personnel management...

We develop a winning marketing plan for you

We support you in economic, administrative and team management

We define or review your business plan with you so that you achieve the profitability you are looking for

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We are Jorge Cervera and Chema Holguín, professionals in the world of hospitality for more than 20 years and managers of Grupo Partner Desarrollo that exists to solve the lack of training in the hospitality sector currently.

Because we have detected the lack of highly qualified personnel that exists, and we know that companies and groups dedicated to the hospitality industry need people who want to train, progress, grow... and they find one obstacle after another that prevents them from achieving those goals as quickly as they want.

That's why we put all our experience at your disposal, and ONLY You will find effective 100% solutions.

We met by solving these types of problems and Since then, we have worked together as international advisors and team leaders for chains as important as The Ritz...

Now, we have a single goal: Train your team so that excellence is the final result that surprises your clients.