What do we mean?

What is subsidized training through FUNDAE (former Tripartite Foundation)?

All companies that contribute to social security have a CREDIT; an amount that can be used to organize courses for its workers, discounting the payment to social security.

Which workers can benefit?

Personnel registered on the course start date.
Fixed Discontinuous in period of non-occupation providing their Working Life Report.

Can a course be subsidized to 100%?

Our courses are designed so that with a minimum number of participants they can be subsidized 100%. For this it is necessary that: 

Sufficient CREDIT is available.
It is taught totally or partially within the working day.

The minimum established attendance by the students is 75% of the training.

Who manages the bonus process?

The company provides us with the company data and the participants required by
the FOUNDATION. We communicate and process the bonus of the courses to the FUNDAE in accordance with the regulatory regulations.
We resolve all doubts and work responsibly on the correct processing of bonuses.

Who are we targeting?






What areas do we work with?


Bar and Lounge



Rooms Division

A. Strategic

We have an extensive catalog of courses. Tell us what your needs are and our team of experts will design a tailor-made proposal for you.

How do we do it?

How do we establish the hours of a course?

• According to the detected needs.

• The development of the final content (tailor-made).

• The resources of the establishment.

• The experience or prior knowledge of the attendees.

Why in-company training?

• We work with the space and materials of the establishment itself, also offering the possibility of online training.

• In direct contact with the day to day of the participant.

• Within the working day to encourage attendance.

• Immediate implementation and practicality.

Trainers for all areas

The Partner Development team is made up of expert professionals:

  • chefs
  • baristas
  • mixologists
  • sumelliers
  • bartenders
  • room teachers
  • receptionists
  • governesses
  • team coaches
  • hotel consultants.
Our Methodology


• We make a visit to your facilities.
• We hold videoconferences through Videocalls.
• We present our catalog of courses.


• We detect your needs, departments and interested participants.
• We outline the definitive content of the courses.
• We establish an optimal number of training hours.
• We make you a proposal.


• We close dates and times.
• We identify locations, space needs and necessary materials.
• We encourage communication between the trainer and the person responsible for the course.
• We start the process with FUNDAE.


• Start-up of the course according to previous planning.
• Development of specific content.
• Continuous assessment.


• We maintain continuous communication during the development of the course.
• We identify team skills.
• We determine the possibilities of the establishment.
• We offer our tailored training actions.


In the following link you can find a search engine for the FUNDAE website

Through this search engine you can access the free training that you help to to advance in your career

Part of this training has been agreed upon within the framework of collective bargaining and financed through subsidies to training entities and another part comes from training provided by companies within the framework of collaboration of the "Digitalize" project.


FUNDAE, which corresponds to the acronym for State Foundation for Employment Training, is an entity in Spain dedicated to promoting and financing the training of workers in the workplace. It was previously known as the Tripartite Foundation for Employment Training.

The main function of FUNDAE is to manage and administer the funds destined for the continuous training of employees, providing resources to companies so that they can invest in the training and development of their workers. These funds come from contributions made by companies to Social Security.

Through FUNDAE, companies can access subsidized training programs, which means that training costs can be deducted from Social Security contributions. This promotes the updating of workers' skills and knowledge, contributing to the professional development and competitiveness of companies.

  1. Companies:

    • Private and public companies that contribute to Social Security in Spain.
    • Self-employed workers who contribute for professional contingencies and cessation of activity.
  2. Workers:

    • Salaried workers who contribute to Social Security in Spain.
    • Self-employed workers who contribute for professional contingencies and cessation of activity.
  3. Other Beneficiaries:

    • Legal representatives of workers, such as union delegates or members of works councils.

Companies that contribute to Social Security can access subsidized training through FUNDAE. This implies that training costs can be deducted from social contributions.

We manage everything before FUNDAE, so that you do not have any extra administrative burden.

We manage everything before FUNDAE, so that you do not have any extra administrative burden. Including the bonus, since we have designated a specific area so that our clients have all the information in just one click.