Professional waiter

Service, protocol and performance of room in the restoration

  • Duration: 60 hours
  • Dates to choose



Topic 1: The kitchen and its operations

The product and food, the kitchen and its different elaborations

  • The 5 large groups into which food is divided
  • Fish and its preparations: white, blue, river fish, shellfish, crustaceans, molluscs and caviar
  • Poultry and game and their preparations
  • The beef
  • Lamb and pork meat
  • The egg
  • Milk, cream and butter
  • The bread and cereals
  • salt and sugar
  • Condiments, flavourings, fats and oils
  • vegetables and tubers
  • Potatoes, legumes, mushrooms and salads
  • Fruit
  • the cheeses

The cook and the kitchen

  • The cook and the kitchen
  • kitchen elements
  • Preparations in the kitchen
  • Kitchen preparation processes
  • kitchen performance

Cooking methods and sauces

  • Cooking methods and techniques
  • preparation of sauces

The gluten-free kitchen

  • Gluten-free cooking I
  • Gluten-free cooking II
  • Gluten-free cooking III
  • gluten free recipes

Types of cuisine and their elaborations

  • Ethnic cuisine: Thai and Indian cuisine
  • The pintxos
  • Vegetarian cooking recipes

The vacuum kitchen

  • History and introduction of vacuum cooking
  • What is vacuum cooking?
  • Necessities and material to work the vacuum kitchen
  • Decalogue and factors that influence the quality of the vacuum
  • Previous preparations and cooking temperatures
  • Exceptions and regeneration

Topic 2: Room service

the professional waiter

  • Types of plates and cutlery
  • service techniques
  • Preparation and mise en place of the table
  • menu types
  • the gueridon
  • The menu and points to control

The menu and points to control

  • Kitchen service techniques in room
  • The flambé technique
  • Instructions, advice and safety regulations

Steak tartare service at the table

The fish fork in the room: the sea bass

Service of the pressed plate and chicken presse

The table assembly

  • The mise en place of the table
  • The seat, the table and its measurements, the fleece, the table linen and the cutlery
  • Types of service: French, Russian, English, American and buffet
  • beverage service

Topic 3: The beverage: main drinks of a bar

non-alcoholic drinks

  • Treatments for the conservation of the different drinks
  • Types of soft drinks
  • Juices and nectars, smoothies, detox, soft drinks, energy drinks, alcopops, bitter, syrups, coffee and tea and infusions
  • Mineral or natural water
  • Drinking water
  • Types of natural mineral waters


  • historical introduction
  • Classification of the different types of beer
  • Brewing process
  • beer ingredients
  • Types of existing beers in the market
  • Beer service and possible pairings


  • Preparation of distillates and main characteristics
  • types of distillations
  • Main distillates in the world
  • Whiskey: production, types and main producers
  • Vodka: elaboration and types
  • Rum: elaboration and types
  • Tequila: elaboration and types
  • Gin: elaboration and types
  • Cognac: elaboration and types
  • Armagnac: elaboration and types
  • the liqueurs
  • the sake
  • vermouths

Topic 4: The wine service

The sommelier or sommelier

  • The figure of the sommelier and its professional requirements
  • The functions of the sommelier
  • Determination of the sale price in wine
  • The sommelier's tools

The wine service

  • Types of wine glass
  • service temperature
  • Protocol and standards in wine service
  • Decantation and transfer of wine

the wine list

  • Necessary information in a professional wine list
  • The new digital cards
  • The sale of wine by the glass

The cava or wine cellar

  • Main characteristics of the cellar or wine cellar
  • The ideal environment and conditions for keeping the wine in the cellar
  • The correct storage of the bottles
  • The cellar of the day
  • Cellar management

Topic 5: The elaboration of espresso coffee

The coffee espresso

  • The coffee grinder
  • Espresso, pressing and making the perfect espresso
  • The coffee machine water purifier
  • Cup

Types of elaborations from coffee

  • Milk: main characteristics
  • The milk frothing jug
  • Latte art: how to work the cream of milk
  • Variants of coffee with milk
  • Different recipes from coffee
  • Possible errors when preparing coffee: under-extraction and over-extraction
  • Types of coffee machines

Item 6: The maintenance of the coffee machine

The maintenance of the coffee machine

  • Tips and steps to follow for machine maintenance
  • Possible anomalies that may appear on the machine
  • The importance of a good grinder and its maintenance
  • The cleaning process of the machine

Topic 7: Languages in restoration

  • Course A1 and A2 of English in the restoration
  • German course A1 and A2 in restoration
  • Poultry Products
  • Main drinks and related terms
  • Main types of meat
  • game meats
  • Main breakfast items
  • sweets and desserts
  • Sausages and related terms
  • Salads and Related Terms
  • starters
  • herbs and spices
  • cooking methods
  • types of breads
  • Pasta and rice
  • types of potatoes
  • Fish and crustaceans, and their main recipes
  • cheeses of the world
  • Main sauces used in restaurants
  • The soups
  • Service terminologies
  • Vegetables and legumes

Topic 8: Customer Service and Upselling

Customer service

  • Service and courtesy protocol
  • Recognize the customer and their needs
  • The 7 customer needs
  • The top 10 rules of customer service
  • Quality, empathy and efficiency in customer service
  • empathy with the customer
  • The attitude and cure of detail

Introduction to Up-selling and Cross-selling

  • Introduction to sales techniques in restaurants
  • Interpret the influence on sales in hospitality
  • Selling as a Marketing Activity
  • The bases of the supplementary sale in hospitality
  • Basic techniques and advanced sales techniques
  • Suggestive selling in restaurants

Implementation of Up-selling strategies

  • Room management efficiency
  • Management between the room service and the kitchen
  • Create customer experiences
  • Some mistakes not to make during the service

Up-selling domain

  • Recover the lost customer
  • The client in social networks
  • Main qualities of the waiter
  • The aptitude and attitude during the service
  • The evolution of the service
  • Up-selling

Sales strategies in restaurants

  • Client and buyer person
  • How to create customer profiles for establishments
  • Attention, knowledge of the offer and upselling
  • cross-selling

Neuromarketing and dopamine in restoration

  • Neuromarketing and sales
  • Sales strategies
  • emotional marketing
  • auditory marketing
  • Kinesthetic Marketing
  • visual marketing


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