University training programs

Our training allow companies to offer personalized training plans and develop skills and knowledge to specific people. 

We are specialized in FTraining of managers and Soft Skills, transversal skills that make a difference in performance and professional performance. 

To increase our commitment to specialization is that We have forged a new strategic alliance with UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia) and thus increase our training offer, here we put them at your disposal.

The University training programs are aimed at different sectors: Business, Tourism and hospitality, Human resources, Projects, Finance, Marketing and sales and Technology all with a duration of 125 hours.

University Masters

Management of hotels and companies

Innovation and tourism marketing

Financial management

Project management

Business Management (MBA)

MBA in Human Resources

The best team of professionals in all areas.

If you are thinking of entering the world of gastronomy, don't waste any more time, you can change your future by investing in yourself and your training right now. Check our training and all success stories we have to show you. 

Our team of professionals.